Accreditations & Approvals

Macedonian Accreditation

Euro College has received an official decision for accreditation from the Board of Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia and permanent licence from the Ministry of Education to deliver course in BA and MBA. The full name of the institution is: HIGHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTION FOR BUSINESS STUDIES EURO COLLEGE.

The whole duration of the program is 3 years for undergraduate and 2 years for graduate studies and the students are awarded with a Bachelor/Master Degree in Business Administration after completing 180 ECTS/120 ECTS.

IDEAL Accreditation

On 19th of May Euro College got an official accreditation from IDEAL (International Distance Education Accreditation League). Please check here. IDEAL is established in Philippines as an international organization comprised of the professionals from the colleges and universities around the world operating partly or fully on the level of distance learning, cross-border education or various other campus-based and technology-centric models of delivery. On 6 September 2010, the IDEAL became member of the National Network of Quality Assurance Agencies (NNQAA) which is one of two national quality assurance networks fully recognized by the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines. On 15 July 2011, IDEAL was admitted as a full institutional member of the Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN), an important agency developed to serve the needs of quality assurance agencies in higher education. On 18th of August 2011, IDEAL has officially submitted its application to be the full member of The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), located in Hague, Netherlands which is a world-wide association of over 200 organizations active in the theory and practice of quality assurance in higher education Euro College as one of the principal founders of IDEAL is honored to be the second school to be accredited and to be active participant in the global outreach of the League. IDEAL is in line with our philosophy that the quality of education should be best evaluated by the professional educators in addition to the government bodies.

EDU Акредитација

On 19th of August Euro College got accredited by EDU (Please check here) EDU is an Intergovernmental Organization formed by International Treaty to promote quality education and accreditation. EDU is currently based in Brussels, Belgium and is the only global (non-regional) intergovernmental accreditation body for education in the world today.

EDU accreditation only available to legitimate and recognized institutions that wish to confirm their legality on the global basis to demonstrate quality of the education and certain standards of the the institution have been met. A Panel of 3 Academics and one Observer from the EDU Committee conduct the assessments, with the emphasis on curriculum, course quality, legal charter, reputation, list of faculty, discrimination policies and other procedures. EDU also strives to promote cross-border cooperation between similar institutions in the world and to provide public confidence in the accredited educational institutions.

In the words of H.E. G.Irving LeVance, EDU – Secretary-General “There was a desperate and urgent need for a trustworthy international accreditation system. Fake Schools and fake accreditation are a world problem. EDU is helping to build and maintain a trustworthy system to make assessments easier for employers recruiting foreign graduates from universities and colleges.”

Euro College is seeing EDU’s mission as part of its own endeavors. The Dean of the college, Dr. Petrusevski Ljubisa stated that:

“EDU accreditation goes hand in hand with our own efforts to establish confidence in the educational sector between the governments and educational institutions and the students and companies as the final beneficiaries.”